historical centre

Piazza Angelio e Piazza del Comune

Piazza Angelio and Piazza del Comune are the heart of the Historical Centre and are surrounded by Medici period buildings. Here you can find some popular bars and restaurants to spend a relaxing moment in Barga.

Loggia dei Mercanti

Loggia Mercanti and the nearby Palazzo Pancrazi, headquarters of the Town Hall, are two excellent examples of Florentine style XVI th century Barga architecture.

Teatro dei Differenti

Teatro dei Differenti was built in 1795 from a previous one of 1689. It is one of the best preserved and most prestigious theatre of its size in Tuscany. Every year it hosts an important theatrical season and Opera Barga, Barga Jazz, Belcanto in Barga festivals.


Le porte di Barga

There are two main doorways to the antique castle of Barga: Porta Macchiaia, so called because it opens up to the great woods of the Apennines (Macchie). From here the road continues up to the Barga mountains and is the starting point for popular trekking and hiking itineraries. From Porta Macchiaia you can go along Via di Mezzo to reach the historical centre or the Duomo along Via della Speranza; Porta Reale or Porta Mancianella, is the main entrance to the historical centre from Piazzale del Fosso where you can also find a car park. The main streets of the centre start from here: Via di Mezzo that takes you to the heart of the town and Via del Pretorio to the Duomo.

Le antiche carraie

The old narrow and winding streets (carraie) of Barga Vecchia. offer special unique views and suggestive atmosphere.