Antique flavours and aromas of Tuscan cuisine

The Scacciaguai Restaurant is in the Historical Centre of Barga, in front of the Teatro dei Differenti and has been run by the family Chiara, Riccardo and Nicola since the opening in May 2007 after full restructuring,

They wanted to bring back to glory two old magical places that belonged to the atmosphere of the past: A dairy (The Dairy of Ilva Pierallini) and before that a Café (L’Antico Caffè dell’Onelia) and so they did with their Restaurant “Scacciaguai”. The name comes from the popular sculpture outside the restaurant. According to the medieval legend if you put two fingers in the eyes of the sculpture it drove away bad luck, all troubles and evil spirits.

The Reverberi family’s culinary interpretation is to combine antique flavours and aromas of Tuscan cuisine with haute cuisine products like for example truffle and foie gras and create and elaborate modern cuisine dishes.

The staff also makes bread, fresh pasta and pastry.


haute cuisine and antique and modern tuscan cuisine

Via di Mezzo, 23 – Barga

0583 711368

scacciaguai barga