In the heart of the historical centre

L’Osteria is in the parlour of the old town where you can absorbe the atmosphere of Medici Barga and enjoy the many events on in summer.

The Osteria, one of the most popular  restaurants in town, is a place where visitors of all ages enjoy the good life, good tastes, and a relaxed atmosphere. Barghigiani people love this place too, especially in the summer months when Piazza Angelio has a continuous buzz of many events, musical and otherwise; a favourite place of all the artists who come to Barga.

This is the place we can find the relaxed Barga lifestyle, felt by the owner Riccardo Negri and his staff.

Wine bar, restaurant, bar; a place where you can have a snack and a drink on the terrace with an exclusive position overlooking the busy square, where you can watch the comings and goings of people, or one of the many events that take place.

Here you feel at home, find good company, eat well: simple but tasty dishes, with good ingredients and local products; it has the kitchen you might find in a Barghigiani house, and a notable cellar full of Lucchese and predominantly Tuscan wines, but also with a select choice of national wines.

Take Riccardo’s advice and you will see that you too will be very comfortable here.


restaurant – snacks – drinks

Piazza Angelio 13 e 14 – 55051 Barga

335 5387113