umberto vittorini exhibition

Tradition and originality of a Tuscan Master

37 years since his death, the onlus Ricci Foundation has dedicated an exhibition to the Barga Artist “Umberto Vittorini. Tradition and Originality in the painting of the 20th century Tuscan master in the works of private collections”, where works representing various phases in the long artistic life of Vittorini will be exhibited.

Altogether around sixty works of great artistic value, pictures, drawings, related documents and memorabilia; the greatest part of the works are unpublished and therefore unknown to the public because they belonged to private collections: oils, drawings, etchings that show the long activity of the artist, from the most representative, wellknown pieces chosen by critics of the sector, showing places and people, often painted from memory and immortalised on canvas. Vittorini is undoubtedly one of the prominent Italian artists of the last century.

His works are exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Italy (The Museum of Modern Art in Rome, The Museum of Modern Art in Milan, the Collection of the President of the Republic) and abroad. He became very famous as an artist, so much so that in 1932, King Vittorio Emanuele III went in person to the “Permanent” Gallery of Milan to buy the etching entitled “the Refugees”.

Those who wrote of him in major Italian newspapers were Bartorelli, Bellonzi, Bellotti, Bertocchi, Bianchi, Bonardi, Bongiovanni, Borghese, Carlesi, Carli, Carra’, Casini, Corazza, De Micheli, Etna, Innocenti, Jenco, Kunke, Lepore, Macchi, Mussio, Ojetti, Palma, Parronchi, Sapori, Sereni, Senesi, Vasari, Vettori and many others.


Fondazione Ricci, via Roma

16 July to 27 August

0583 724357