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History before you

Volta dei Menchi - BARGA

12 June


Cento Lumi

Book presentation “La storia prima di te” by Ilaria Lonigro. Organised by the Association Centro Lumi.

Tra le righe di Barga

Volta dei Menchi, Via Pascoli, Piazza Salvo Salvi – BARGA

14-17 July


0583 710270

Literary Festival with book presentations of well-known authors.


Place names as a source of history of the landscape (Part 2)

Aula Magna ISI Barga – Via dell’Acquedotto - BARGA

7 June


0583 724357

In the two meetings planned (the first was held on 27 May) Giuliana Puccinelli looks at the problem of place names, the misunderstanding of meaning risking that those who claim to understand it and interpret it without an adequate philological background. Different categories; names of residential areas in the province of Lucca ( Vico, villa, colony, castle) and some names of places that are still used in the country villages and above all in mountainous areas will be examined.


Piazza Pascoli - Barga

9 July 18

Meat on the table: nutritional and health aspects of traditional meat

Relator: Prof. Mele Marcello (Department of Agrarian and Food Sciences NUTRAFOOD Centre Pisa University)
Moderator: Dr. Bernardi Rodolfo (epartment of Agrarian and Food Sciences NUTRAFOOD Centre Pisa University)
Interventions on behalf of Remaschi Marco (Assessor all'Agriculture Hunting and Fishing, mountain politics)
Giovannetti Ilaria (Member iof the Third Commission Health and Social politics), Dr. Colombani Giuseppe (Azienda USL Norh-West Tuscany)
To follow "barbecue" organised by ASD Sacro Cuore in Pista Onesti.
Reservations at 0583 723112 or at Edicola Poli

6 August 18,30

Milk and its derivates

Relator: Dr. Fratini Filippo (Departent of Veterinary Sciences NUTRAFOOD Centre Pisa University)
Stands of local cheese producers.
To follow theme dinner in the Barga restaurants.

3 September 18,30

Health aspects of fruit and vegetables

Relator: Prof. Ranieri Annamaria (Department of Agrarian and Food Sciences NUTRAFOOD Centre Pisa University)
To follow theme dinner in the Barga restaurants

Old Mills, Textile mills, fisheries, blast furnaces in the Barga area

Sala Consiliare – Via di Mezzo - Barga

September (date still to be decided)


0583 724357

Accurate research carried out by local man Emilio Lammari on the discovery of antique places dedicated to Barga artisan and industry in the past centuries.


80th Anniversary of the foundation of the Barga Alpine Group

Piazza Giovanni Pascoli – BARGA

3-4 September

The Alpine group of Barga celebrates  the 80th anniversary of its foundation. A concert by the  Apuan Alpine choir, conducted by Master Luca Bacci, will take place on Saturday 3 September at 21.30. On Sunday 4th at 10.30 there will be a procession along the streets of Barga of all the Alpine groups taking part in the celebration. Afterwards, a laurel wreath will be laid at the monument in via della Crocetta dedicated to the Alpine soldiers. Following the feast will finish in piazza Pascoli.

Music and Shows

Aristo’s Festival Corner

Piazza Salvo Salvi – BARGA

3, 10, 17 e 24 June; 1 July


0583 723062

Aristo’s Corner Festival will return From 3 June to 1st July, with musical talent from this area and elsewhere organised by Aristo’s Bar in Piazza Salvo Salvi. There will be 5 concerts from June to July. On 1st June Michela Lombardi and Ugo Bongianni duet; The Grizzly band will play on 17 June; the Cecilia del Bono trio will take place on 24th June; on 1st July the big band Saxophonia. On 7th July there will be a concert by the guitarist Riccardo Zappa.

A romantic evening

Historical centre and Barga giardino – BARGA

25 June


On the 25th of June the arrival of the summer solstice will be celebrated with a romantic evening in the most beautiful towns of Italy. For this occasion Barga is also organising events for our lovers; There will be music, entertainment and also a special menu on the theme in the restaurants. And at midnight: a breathtaking moment with the release of balloons.

Dancing Night

Sports facilities – SAN PIETRO IN CAMPO

15 July


0583 711285

A little jazz mass

Duomo – BARGA

30 July


Free entrance

Missa brevis composed by Bob Chillcot for the 2004 Crescent City Choral Festival in New Orleans. Solo singer: Frederike Berendsen; Julian Bohn Trio (piano: Julian Bohn, double bass: Caris Hermes, percussion: Lukas Buning); Chamber choir Stimmkultur. Musical directors: Martin Te Laak & Bernard Van Almsick.

Barga memories

Piazza Verzani – BARGA

6 August


Free entrance

The Misericordia di Barga is organising this event with music and reading of pieces dedicated to the Barga emigration by Barghigiani writers, produced by Graziella Cosimini.

Shooting Stars

Mologno Church car park – MOLOGNO

7 August


Ingresso a offerta

345 3319112

Charity show with sketches, improvisations, music and entertainment.

Dancing in the Square

Piazza IV novembre – FORNACI

13 August


Fornaci 2.0

Those who love dancing will enjoy  this evening organised by Fornaci 2.0 to take place in the central square of piazza 1V November.

Belcanto in Barga

340 5831419

Piazza angelio – BARGA

2, 9 September


In Piazza Angelio, there will be two concerts including Operatic arias, Neapolitan songs and excerpts from Musicals, with great performers such as the famous baritone Bruno Caproni, who has performed many principal roles in Verdi operas in great theatres around the world, with the international pianist Julian Evans and harpist Veronica Pucci.

Duomo – BARGA

5 September


Continuing the tradition of Bel Canto in Barga, fantastic musicians will also share sacred music in the Duomo.

School of scottish Song, Music and Dance

Conservatorio Santa Elisabetta - BARGA

19-23 September


A special school dedicated to tuition of traditional Scottish and Gaelic song, music and dance in one of the most attractive towns in Tuscany. The course is organised and run by the well-known bagpipe master Hamish Moore with world famous Scottish and Cape Breton tutors.


Gabriele Wilpers: Seeds of lights

Villa Via Sacra, via delle Mura, 12 – BARGA

19 June-15 September

Wednesday–Saturday 10-12; 16-18

Sacred art exhibition by Gabriele Wilpers: “Seeds of Light” painting and glass sculpture.

70 years of the Republic

Galleria Comunale di via di Borgo – BARGA

28 maggio-19 June

10-18 Monday-Friday, 15-18 Saturday and Sunday

Cento Lumi

Documentary and artistic exhibition on 70 years of the Republic.

Exhibition of Misericordia

Church of SS. Crocifisso - BARGA

5 June-4 July

0583 723031

Photographic and documentary exhibition on the Misericordia of the Curacy of Barga. Organised by the Curacy of Barga, Confraternite di Misericordia of Barga, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Loppia, Tiglio, Barga. Lucchese Historical Institute, Barga. Opening Sunday 5 June at 18.

René - Art Studio

Via Pontevecchio - BARGA

from 15 June

Personal exhibition by artist René.

Sara Massocco and Mario Bargero

Museo Le stanze della Memoria - BARGA

25 June-13 July

Painting and Sculpture exhibition by Sara Masocco and Mario Bargero.

Mariano Moriconi

Hotel la Pergola – Via Sant’Antonio - BARGA

from 1st July

Photographic multidimensional exhibition at ’Hotel La Pergola of Barga in via Sant’Antonio. The exhibition will take place from the Hall ,to the splendid terrace of the hotel where you can admire a unique view of the historical centre of Barga.
Opening on 1st July at 20,30

Club Alpino Italiano

Museo Le stanze della Memoria - BARGA

15-25 July

50th anniversary exhibition.

Fabrizio Gianni

Museo Le stanze della Memoria - BARGA

26 July-18 August

Art exhibition dedicated to the local artist Fabrizio Gianni. 

Maestri Liutai

Museo Le stanze della Memoria - BARGA

20-28 August

Stringed instruments by Marco Lugliani and Maestri Liutai of tuscan lutherie school "Fernando Ferroni"

Incontri con l'Arte 2016

Conservatorio S.Elisabetta - BARGA

1-26 June

"Oltre l'apparenza del paesaggio"

Davide Manetti exhibition

1-25 July

"La pittura in Toscana"

29 July-28 August

"Partenza per l'immaginario"

Lisandro Rota exhibition

Sport and Free Time

Volleyball Tournament


30 May-12 June


14th edition of mixed tounament of volleyball, organised by Misericordia blood donors and friends of the volleyball  team.

Palio of the Districts at Filecchio

Sports ground – Filecchio

2 July-27 August


Filecchio News

Palio of the Districts (2 July); tournaments and games (7, 14, 21, 28 July; 4 August); karaoke competition (27 August); fairy tale plays of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Pinocchio” (27 August).

Volleyball Tournament

Campetto rosso, parco Menichini – FORNACI

2-3 August


Fornaci 2.0

Inter-Regional Vespa Club Rally

Piazzale del Fosso – BARGA

10 July


Girovagando nel barghigiano

Piazzale del Fosso – BARGA

7 August


Raduno di auto d’epoca.

Plastic duck race


21 August


348 3643550

Daring and enjoyable plastic duck race along the Corsonna stream. The competition is to raise funds for charity and is organised by Sosta dei Diavoli bar and by the community of Ponte di Catagnana.

5 a side Football Tournament

Sports facilities – SAN PIETRO IN CAMPO

26 June-month of July


0583 711285

Again this year the return of the 5 a side football tournament in San Pietro in Campo, for a maximum of 16 teams, organised by A.S.D. of the Community Committee of San Pietro in Campo.