Opera Barga

The 50th edition

Even though with a shorter programme, the lyrical Festival Opera Barga will take place in 2016 to celebrate 50 years of its existence. The appointments are from 27 July to 6 August in Barga and Bagnone (MS) from 22 to 25 July with the programme “Music in the Villages”.

In Barga the 50th edition will be characterised by a series of concerts and sacred and antique music, and piano concerts.

To celebrate this anniversay in the best possible way, despite financial cutbacks, there will be an opening concert in the Duomo on 27th July (21,30) with one of the best experts in Barroque music Federico Maria Sardelli.

There will be music of Vivaldi and Antonello Privitera with the soprano Anna Simboli, and half soprano Anna Bessi, soprano Marina Morelli and tenor Michele Concato; Chamber Choir “Ricercare Ensemble” and Orchestra Accademia degli Invaghiti. All directed by Federico Maria Sardelli.

Also on 27th July, at Santa Elisabetta, there will be an opening concert of “Music in the Villages” with Simone Bernardini and Ensemble Le Musiche with music of Mozart and Mendelssohn (ore 19,30).

“Music in the Villages” continues on 28th July in SS: Crocifisso at 21 with Ensemble Le Musiche and music of Haydn.

Here are the other Barga dates:

29 July 2016 – Antique Music at Casa Cordati at 19 – Music of Silvestro Ganassi, Jan Gero, Daniele Del Lungo, Atoine Forqueray, Georg Philipp Telemann, Federico Maria Sardelli, Johann Schenck directed by Bettina Hoffmann.

30 July - Music in the Villages 2016 - Teatro dei Differenti at 21 – Music of Schumann and Mendelssohn with Lucija Majstorovic , piano and Ensemble Le Musiche

31 July 2016 - PianoBarga2016 - Schubertiade/1 - Teatro dei Differenti at 21 – Music of Franz Schubert with Simone Bernardini, violin; Federico Gianello, piano

1 August 2016 - PianoBarga 2016 - Teatro dei Differenti ore 21 – Music of Leoš Janáček with Jan Latham-Koenig, piano

2 August 2016 - PianoBarga 2016 - Schubertiade/2 - Teatro dei Differenti at 21 - Johann Sebastian Bach; Franz Schubert; Franz Liszt ; Ferruccio Busoni; Fryderyk Chopin; Claude Debussy ; Maurice Ravel with Yannick Van de Velde, piano

3 August 2016 - PianoBarga 2016 - Schubertiade/3 - Teatro dei Differenti at 21 – Music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Andrea Bacchetti, piano.

4 August 2016 - PianoBarga 2016 - Schubertiade/4 - Teatro dei Differenti at 21- Music of Franz Schubert and Frédéric Chopin with Federico Gianello, piano

5 August 2016 - PianoBarga 2016 - Schubertiade/5 - Teatro dei Differenti at 21- Music of Schubert , Prokofiev and Ravel with Lucija Majstorovic, piano.

6 August 2016 -Antique Music at Casa Cordati/2 - at 19 – Music of Claudio Monteverdi, Francesca Caccini, Henry Lawes , Tarquinio Merula with Accademia dei Leggieri, Francesca Caponi, soprano, Costanza Redini, contralto, Piero Lauria, piano

6 August 2016 - PianoBarga 2016 - Schubertiade/6 - Teatro dei Differenti at 21 – “So strong in my heart. Schubert, last year” with Simone Soldati, piano Sandro Cappelletto, writer and narrating voice.

Further information on the official site: www.operabarga.it


Duomo – Conservatorio Santa Elisabetta – Historical Centre

26 July to 6 August



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