fornaci in...canto

Song festival in Fornaci

The national competition, Fornaci in…canto Song Festival, has become more successful and more widely recognised over the years. 

For those who like live music the dates are 28th, 29th and 30th July, in piazza IV Novembre, Fornaci di Barga. The event is organised by the Cultural Association ‘Venti d’arte”, with a huge input from the Arts Director Massimo Salotti and Lucia Morelli, under the sponsorship of the Town Hall of Barga. Young promising Italian singers take their turn on stage. As always this festival  focuses particularly on emerging solo talents, singers and songwriters, soloists and groups. The three categories in the competition are: Singing, Under 14 and Songwriters.

In its ten year history, Fornaci in...canto has grown in scope and content. It has been the springboard for many singers to the most important Television Talent Shows in Italy and beyond: from “Amici di Maria de Filippi” to “Young Sanremo” ; from “Castrocaro Voci Nuove” to “Io Canto”,  to “The Voice, Italy” and also to “X Factor” which made Emma Morton famous.

Song and the performers are  undoubtedly the heart of the Show,  however the 2016 edition also sees a huge improvement in the field of Expressive Arts. After its preview last year, Figurative Arts has played an important part in the stage design with the intention of greatly improving the quality of the Competition.


Piazza IV novembre

28, 29 and 30 July


333 7355237